2016 -2017 Seminars


All of our Seminars will have refreshments. Anyone, whether or not a member of PCEA may attend our seminars. Please realize they are geared towards teachers, and you must register by the deadline.


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COST for all 3 days $30

OCTOBER 5,12,19, 2016

Yoga for Teachers

Join yoga teacher, Carl Swanson, Ed.D., CYT, to learn the basics of yoga. Yoga is much more than flexibility exercises; it is a great way to learn to relax.

This class is especially geared for beginners. Students will learn basic poses (asanas) that will help them to bring relaxation to their own lives. But best of all, Carl will help you to understand how to teach some of these techniques and to bring relaxation to your students as well.

These three classes will be held at Yoga Light Studio, 2573 Cranberry Highway, Wareham, at 4-5 pm on Wednesdays, October 5, 12, and 19. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat (available at low cost at Ocean State Job Lot).

Class size is limited to 16 people.

Refreshments cannot be served in the studio area, although water is allowed.

There are complimentary chocolates in the lobby, however, for after class!

These are sequential classes. That is, the information learned in the first class leads to the second, and what’s taught in the first two classes lead to the third. It is highly recommended that students attend all three classes.





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