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Dear NEA Member:
Time in school is a hot topic among both educators and education policymakers: If your school or district isn’t already talking about it, it won’t be long before they do. For that reason, NEA is launching a new initiative to develop a national strategy to help our state and local associations respond to time in school issues.
To shape our position on time in school, we want to hear from you, the experts. We are hosting a VIVA Idea Exchange™, a project of the nonprofit New Voice Strategies, where you and other NEA members in seven states can share your ideas on this question:
If you could redesign the school structure to best fit the needs of your students, what would the school day, week and year look like?
As a classroom educator, you know time in school is a complex issue that relates not only to how long the day or year is, but how much time you spend teaching, how much time your students spend on learning, how you balance preparation, professional development and non-classroom activities, and so much more. As a classroom educator, you are also in the best position to envision new and different ways to structure time in school that provides the most benefits to students.
So, be creative, be innovative, push the bounds of current structures, and challenge conventional thinking. The VIVA Idea ExchangeTM is an online forum where you can engage in a secure space that’s open to you 24/7. The states participating in the Idea Exchange are Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, and Washington. At the end of the dialogue, a small group of you will present your recommendations to NEA leadership in Washington, D.C.
Please join the VIVA NEA Idea Exchange: Time in School at to share your ideas for making the most of teacher and student time in school.
Thank you for being a part of this important dialogue.
Yours truly,Bill Raabe, Senior Director
Center for Great Public Schools
National Education Association
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Washington, DC   20036
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Fax: (202) 822-7833

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 GC ltr to MTA pres re DESEPlease read and note if you are involved in MCAS in any way. Please post copies in all teachers’ rooms.


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