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June 8, 2017

Honorable Brian S. Dempsey

House Committee on Ways and Means

State House, Room 243

Honorable Stephen Kulik

House Committee on Ways and Means

State House, Room 238

Honorable Todd M. Smola

House Committee on Ways and Means

State House, Room 124

Honorable Karen E. Spilka

Senate Committee on Ways and Means

State House, Room 212

Honorable Sal N. DiDomenico

Senate Committee on Ways and Means

State House, Room 208

Honorable Vinny deMacedo

Senate Committee on Ways and Means

State House, Room 313C

Dear Conference Committee Members:

We are writing to urge the conference committee to support items important to public education. The priorities of the Massachusetts Teachers Association for the FY2018 budget include the following:


Support the Senate funding level of $4,755,814,886 for Chapter 70.

 Support the Senate funding levels for the University of Massachusetts, state universities and community colleges.


We ask that the conference committee support the following policy provisions from the Senate budget:

DDMs (Sections 72 & 84): Theses sections eliminate the use of student test data in educator evaluations. School districts will not sacrifice quality or lose any resources if this language were to be adopted. In fact, many districts would see cost savings by a substantial reduction in the tremendous amount of time required to conceptualize, create and implement these measures.

Foundation Budget (Sections 75 thru 83 & 36): These sections implement the findings of the Foundation Budget Review Commission. The language would update the foundation budget, codify in M.G.L. Chapter 70 the broader Chapter 70 funding formula that has been in effect over the past decade, and require the state to develop a schedule (subject to appropriation) for funding the commission’s monetary recommendations.

Recess (Sections 73): This section mandates 20 minutes of recess as part of the existing school day for students in grades K-5.

Line of Duty Benefit (Section 46): This section provides in-the-line-of-duty death benefits to all public sector employees, making their families eligible for the $300,000 benefit if the employee is killed during the course of their work duties.

Group Insurance Commission Composition (Section 48): This section makes important changes to the Group Insurance Commission by creating two additional labor seats on the GIC commission. The language also clarifies the appointment process and adds a requirement that the GIC hold at least two public hearings prior to a board vote related to any amendment to plan design changes such as increasing co-pays and deductibles.

We ask that the committee oppose the following policy provisions

Sick Leave Accrual Cap (Sections 37, 234 thru 238, & 255): We oppose these sections of the Senate’s budget, which place a cap on state employee sick time. In many cases, sick time cap policies have been bargained in lieu of other pay and benefit increases. We feel this issue most appropriately belongs at the collective bargaining table.

Thank you in advance for your support of these important measures.


Barbara Madeloni           Erik Champy

President                          Vice President


It couldn’t be clearer: Betsy DeVos’ goal as Secretary of Education is to slash funding for public schools, using voucher schemes to funnel taxpayer dollars to unaccountable private schools. Vouchers only weaken our public schools, when we know that a well-resourced public school in every neighborhood is our best bet for setting every student up for success.

Send an email to Betsy DeVos now. Tell her that vouchers harm the 90% of American students that attend public schools, and that she won’t get to destroy our public schools without a fight.



May 16, 2017
TO:                  MTA K-12 Local Presidents  
CC:                   MTA Board of Directors
FROM:             Beverly Miyares, Director of Center for Education Policy and Practice (CEPP)
Ann Sullivan, Director of Affiliate Services
SUBJECT:         Changes to Educator Evaluation Regulations: Student Impact Rating
The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education recently approved amendments to educator evaluation regulations that eliminate the separate Student Impact Rating based on District-Determined Measures and replace it with a Student Learning Indicator based on “common assessments.” The new indicator is to be included in Standard 2 for teachers and Standard 1 for administrators. The changes also eliminate the requirement that districts report a Student Impact Rating to DESE for individual educators. More information is available here.
These changes create a number of collective bargaining considerations. A March 10 memo from Commissioner Mitchell Chester stated that “by the start of the 2017-18 school year, districts should incorporate the regulatory changes into their local evaluation systems.” The memo also indicated that the DESE would be providing guidance on meeting the new requirements. As of May 2017, no guidance has been issued by the DESE.
In order to preserve collective bargaining rights relative to this issue, it is advisable that you either: Have a conversation with your superintendent regarding the fact that there are new regulations and that any changes to the negotiated educator evaluation system must be bargained (and follow up with a written statement reiterating the obligation to bargain), or send a letter to the superintendent asserting the local’s right to bargain any changes to the evaluation system. The local may certainly have a conversation and commit those conversations to writing to make it abundantly clear that changes to the system must be bargained. Locals will find themselves in different situations regarding these regulations. In some instances, few changes if any will be needed; other locals may find that they need to take a more comprehensive bargaining approach.
As always, it is advisable to work closely with your MTA field representative. The field staff is developing bargaining strategies and options for contract language to assist presidents. Please contact your MTA field representative if you have questions about the requirements or the implementation timeline.

Volunteers still needed

Volunteer opportunities for NEA RA convention. FYI,  go to the NEA-RA page on the MTA website:  and complete the application. Your help is needed in a variety of areas. Perfect opportunity to witness a NEA-RA convention first hand. Thanks.



Looking for Tutors Check the link below:



Bob Brousseau re-elected to PRIM Board with 91% of the vote! Congratulations to Bob who is one of our senate district’s most active activists! And thank you for all the work you do on our behalf.
       Campaign School
As activists you know that advocating for legislation is a big part of our work. Think about how nice it would be to be advocating to someone who already “gets” the issues, because he or she has walked in our shoes. Wouldn’t that be great? MTA is seeking MTA members who might consider running for public office. A Campaign School is being run at our annual summer conference for just this purpose. I encourage you to review the materials and think strongly about attending. There are 25 scholarships to attend at no cost. Please let me know if you are interested in attending. The link to this information is:
Subject: Health Care Bills in MassachusettsWith  the attack against healthcare across the nation, I wanted to share a bill here in Massachusetts aimed at improving healthcare coverage for residents. Thanks for your attention. bill has been sent to the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing and you can contact the committee with your thoughts on the bill here:

Plymouth County Education Association

Minutes from the Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, May 8, 2017

  1. President Smith called the meeting to order at 4:38 p.m.
  2. Minutes from the March 13, 2017, meeting were approved.
  3. There was one piece of correspondence to read.
  4. Secretary Amanda Fitzgerald called the roll: there were 40 voting members present; 4 excused absences; 1 unexcused absence; and 1 parliamentarian present.
  5. Guest Speaker – Landon Callahan – Safe Schools Program for LGBTQ students
  6. Treasurer’s Report – The monthly report was approved.
  7. LPAT Report – Chris Doherty – On Wednesday at 7pm, there will be an MTA Tele-Town Hall with President Barbara Madeloni. On Saturday, May 20, 2017, at 2pm at Boston Common, there will be an Education Rally after the MTA Annual Meeting. Chris will be hosting an LPAT meeting on June 2, 2017, at 4pm for the Brockton area Senate District.  NEA-RA volunteers are needed.  Volunteers can register on the MTA website, stipends are available for all volunteers.  Volunteers are needed for the phone committee. Members interested in running for local offices are encouraged to attend the Campaign School at MTA Summer Conference for free.
  8. MTA/NEA News – Beth Stafford – The Education Rally on May 20th will take place from 2-5p.m.  Buses to the rally are available at Plymouth North High School and from the Raynham MTA office.  Members who wish to take those buses to the rally can register on the MTA website.  The Human and Civil Rights Dinner will be held June 16, 2017, in Norwood.  The next MTA Board meeting will be June 17, 2017.  The next MTA Executive Board Meeting will take place June 2-3, 2017.  This is Beth’s last PCEA meeting as a representative from the MTA Executive Board, as her term in office is over.
  9. Reports
  10. By-Laws & Rules – Kelly Viera – The committee met March 13th.  Three changes to the By-Laws were distributed and discussed.  The proposed changes will be voted on at the June meeting.
  11. Resolutions – Paula Flanagan – The committee met on May 1st.  Proposed changes and additions to the Resolutions were available and discussed.  They will be voted on at the June meeting.
  12. Credentials & Ballots – Kim Corazzini – There is an Executive Board opening for a three year term open in July. There are 17 meetings a year and a stipend is available.  There will be a vote to elect a member to the position in June.
  13. Professional Development – There is an ESL workshop being offered by PCEA in Brockton this summer. The new course list was available to post in each building.
  14. Professional Recognition – Kathy Chandler & Deb Edgren – During the two Banquets, the following were distributed: 12 Distinguished Professional Recognition Awards for 40 years of service, 12 awards for 35 years of service, 16 awards for 30 years of service, 91 retirement certificates, 55 Rookie Awards, 147 Honor Awards, 3 Citations, 1 Loretta Quinlan Award, and 80 Service Awards.  Kathy asked the members for feedback for a survey from the 1620 Hotel.  Feedback was given regarding the meal, and discussion was held whether or not the Banquet should be moved to May instead of April.  That decision will be voted on in June.
  15. Unfinished Business – Scholarship checks will be mailed tomorrow for the same amount as last year, except for the towns that won the raffle.
  16. New Business – Brockton is facing a $16 million deficit. The June 12, 2017, meeting is the PCEA Annual Meeting and any PCEA member is invited.
  17.  Good & Welfare – 5/8/17 #1 A donation for $75 was approved for a teacher in Raynham with cancer.
  18. Announcements – Usual Announcements were made. Volunteers are needed to place flags at Bourne National Cemetery on May 27, 2017.
  19. Adjournment at 6:05pm.


Respectfully submitted

Amanda Fitzgerald




















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